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Getting Started

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To make a Premium Pay request select the type of premium pay you are requesting from the list and enter the desired time into the calendar. You may also select a premium pay transaction that will be used to populate this request on time sheet when approved by the supervisor.

The total hours requested for that day should go in the top field within the calendar cell. From and To times go in the two remaining fields within the calendar cell. They are designated Fr: and To: respectivly.

An image showing the placement of the three entries possible for a given day of a leave request. Total hours requested for the day.
The start (from) time of for the requested hours.
The end (to) time of for the requested hours.

To enter a request for another month click on either the of the arrow links (<- or >-) at the top of the calendar. A Premium Pay request may span no more than two months.

You may also enter remarks that your supervisor will be able to see.

Click Save to save your request and return to the main menu. Click Cancel to return without submitting the request.

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