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There are two types of messages on this form: Errors and Warnings. Errors are identified in the Error Message column with the word "ERROR" in red. Errors are generated when the system has enough information to determine that data entered is incorrect. Errors are generated for a number of reasons, but the most common are when you do not balance your daily, weekly or pay period tour of duty or when you attempt to use transaction codes that are not authorized for your pay plan or tour.

Warning messages are generated when the possibility of an error exists, but webTA does not have enough information to determine for sure that there is an error. As an example, you must get prior approval before using certain transaction codes. If you record overtime hours the system generates a warning because it does not know if you received prior approval. If you did not, you should not record overtime hours.

Before your supervisor can certify your T&A report all Errors must be corrected. Warnings should be checked to make sure they are OK before your supervisor certifies the T&A report.

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