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webTA is a collection of applications that permit time and attendance information to be entered, verified, electronically certified and collected for transmission to a centralized payroll and personnel system. There are five modules within the system that provide the required functions for each of the roles that a person may have within the system:

  • Administrator - The administrator is responsible for maintaining system information including the roles people have, the relationships among employees, timekeepers and supervisors, and when transmission files are created. Some administrative functions may be performed by timekeepers (such as adding new employees to the database) to prevent the administrator(s) from becoming overburdened.
  • Project Manager- If your agency uses the webTA Labor Management Module, the project managers administer the projects hierarchy. This includes maintaining the basic project information, the hierarchical structure of the projects, employee and organizational membership to projects, and association of projects with accounts.
  • HR Administrator - The HR Administrators are responsible for maintaining leave transfer programs, managing employees, and reviewing the status of records within their organization.
  • Supervisor - Supervisors review and certify the T&A information submitted by employees and timekeepers. Information cannot be sent to payroll until the appropriate supervisor certifies that the information is correct.
  • Timekeeper - Timekeepers maintain the T&A Profile for employees. The T&A Profile includes information such as the pay plan, tour of duty and leave balance information. They may also enter all payroll information including hours worked and hours absent. Once all information for an employee in a given pay period is entered, they may validate the T&A record. They may also add new employees to the database or make an employee inactive.
  • Employee - Everybody within the system is considered an employee and can enter their own basic time and attendance information as well as their directory information such as work address, phone number and e-mail address. The T&A information they can enter is limited to the biweekly payroll information. Employees cannot change profile information about themselves. They must ask their timekeeper to make those changes.
This documentation pertains to the Employee Module.
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