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The Account Creation Wizard helps a user create new valid accounts. The wizard allows a users to incrementally add account field values and check them against any cross-field validations that are in place.

The first step is to select the structure for the new account. This is done by selecting the desired structure from the drop down at the top of the page labeled, "Create an account for". Upon selecting an account structure, the form on the page changes to provide an input for each field in that account structure.

Begin creating the account by entering one or more account field values. The account field values do not need to be entered in any particular order. Clicking on the Continue >> button causes the wizard to verifiy the currently enter account field values. If the currently entered account field values violate any cross-field validation rules in place for the selected account structure, an error is displayed. If all is well, then all entered account field values are set to read only.

Continue entering account field values until all required fields and any desired optional fields have values. You may click the Continue >> button at any time to verify the currently entered account field values. When all the account field values are entered, click the Finish button to create the account.

Enter a description for the account into the Description field at any time before clicking the Finish button.

You may also select a new account structure at any time. Doing so discards all account field value information entered so far.

Use the << Prev button to reset the last account field value entries.

Clicking the Cancel button will discard all changes and return to the previous page.

When the account is created it is places in your employee accounts list.

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