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The T&A Data screen is used to enter time for time and attendance transactions.

Transactions are sorted into work time transactions and leave and other time transactions. To add a new transaction, click the New button in the appropriate category. This will bring you to a page on which you can choose the transaction type, account and/or project, and other distinguishing information regarding the transaction. Upon return to this page, you will be able to enter time for the transaction.

The webTA administrators may have configured the spreadsheet to always contain certain transactions. You may enter time to these transactions, but you are not able to modify the transaction information or delete the transaction from the spreadsheet. Any transaction you have added to the spreadsheet, however, include Edit and Delete buttons.

Click Edit to change the transaction information. Any hours entered for the transaction will remain. Note that if you change the transaction information to be the same as another line already present in the spreadsheet, the hours for the two transactions will be summed and displayed as a single transaction.

If the T&A record uses Exception Processing, a summary of the default schedule appears in the spreadsheet as a read-only row. The amount of time displayed in this row reflects the amount of time the default schedule actually contributes to the time and attendance record. If other non-overtime transactions have been added to the record, their time is automatically deducted from the default schedule.

To update the totals on the T & A Data screen click the Update button. The screen will refresh and all of the totals on the T & A Data screen will reflect any hour changes made.

To save your changes and return to the Employee Menu, click the Save/Return button. Note, this will not validate your T & A, but will save all changes that you have made.

To validate the current time in pay, click Validate button.

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