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The Employee module permits entry of daily time and attendance data and some reimbursements. You may:

  • record T&A information on a daily, weekly, or pay period basis;
  • submit work address, phone number, and e-mail updates;
  • change system access password;
  • verify that the data entered is correct;
  • request your timekeeper to change T&A data that you are not authorized to change (such as profile data);
  • access other modules of the T&A system that you are authorized to access.
You may only modify T&A data that is related to time-in-pay and other-time lines of the T&A report. This permits access to transaction codes, suffix codes, prefix codes, daily hours, dollar amounts and remarks. Only your timekeeper may update profile information. Examples of profile information include pay plan, tour of duty, duty hours, status changes, and leave balance information. Please ask your timekeeper or supervisor if you have questions about profile data.

Your menu options include:

Edit T&A Data

Click this button to enter T&A data for the pay period.

T&A Summary

View your T&A Summary report. This is the report that your supervisor certifies and includes profile, payroll and leave balance information.

Leave/Premium Pay Request

Submit an electronic request for leave or premium pay (such as overtime and compensatory time) to your supervisor or donate leave to a leave bank or individual leave transfer account.

Edit Locator Info

View and update your work address, phone number and email address. This information is not part of your personnel file and this function does not update personnel files.

Edit Default Schedule

Default schedules are used for exception processing and retain data functions. This function lets you create or modify your default schedule so you need not enter it every pay period. This option will be present only if your timekeeper has configured your account to use a default schedule.

View Certified T&A’s

View prior T&A reports that have been certified by your supervisor or certifying official. You will get a list of all of the certified T&As in webTA and you may view any of them. Note that you may have more than one certified T&A for a given pay period if a corrected T&A was created.


Create a correction record for a previous pay period (up to one year ago).

Account Table

You may Add or Delete accounts from your personal account table. Maintaining a personal account table allows you to charge to accounts that do not appear on the standard account list provided to you by your timekeeper.


Any reports that are available to the employee are listed under the reports menu.

Send Task

You can send a message, or task to your timekeeper, requesting they perform some action or notifying them of something.

User Functions:

Change Password
Change your own system access password.This option does not appear if your system is configured to authenticate against an external system, such as an organizational directory service.

View Tasks
Administrative notices and requests for support, known as ‘tasks’, show up in your task list. If the system is not configured to email tasks, or the system cannot, for some reason, deliver the email, then you can check here to view your outstanding tasks. This option will not appear if you have no tasks, or if all your tasks were successfully emailed.

Role Selection

If you possess more than a single role in webTA, you will see buttons that allow you to switch between the roles. You only see the buttons for modules that you are authorized to use. Most people in the system have only the employee role, so do not need menu selection buttons.

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