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Employees whose T&A Profile Retain Data field is set to either Restore From Default or Exception Processing may edit a default schedule.

The default schedule is used by employees whose T&A data change little from pay period to pay period. By using a default schedule, these employees can avoid having to re-enter all of their time data each pay period.

webTA supports two types of default schedule processing, based on the Retain Data field your Timekeeper has set in your T&A profile.

  • Restore From Default - Lines of time entered into the default schedule are automatically entered into your time sheet when the new pay period starts. From that time on, your T&A data behaves normally. If you work your normal schedule with no changes, then no changes need to be made to the time sheet. If something differs, then you must make the necessary changes in the Edit T&A Data screen. Your T&A Summary will reflect exactly what appears in the edit screen.
  • Exception Processing - Rows of time entered into the default schedule will automatically be included in your T&A record unless you supplant it with entries in the Edit T&A Data screen. For instance, if a given day contains 8 hours in the Default Schedule, but you charge 4 hours to Annual Leave, only the Annual Leave line need be entered in the Edit T&A Data screen; when you go to the T&A Summary page, however, you will see the Annual Leave line (with 4 hours) and the Default Schedule line appropriately reduced to 4 hours. The Default Schedule lines do not ever appear in the Edit T&A Data screen, only the exceptions to the Default Schedule.

When you have finished entering information for the current week click Return to return to the Employee Module menu.

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