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Your timekeeper’s accounts and your accounts will be listed in separate tables. You can only view timekeeper's accounts. If you need to have the timekeeper account in your list of accounts in order to be able to use it, click Get Account button. This action will add the account in the employee list of accounts.

After adding an account to your list you may modify the account’s description by entering the new description in the table a clicking on the corresponding Save Description button. Doing this will not affect any other timekeepers’ or employees’ descriptions for the account. Entering a blank description will cause your timekeeper’s description to appear.

You can create new accounts that will be added to your list of accounts. Click New Account button to create a new account.

Click Del to remove the account from your account list. After deleting it, the account still exists in the system, but will no longer be available to you while editing T&A records.

Click Return to return to previous menu.

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