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There are a few things to keep in mind while using webTA.

webTA is an internet or intranet based application and differs from some computer applications you may be accustomed to using, such as spreadsheets and word processors. Some of the processing in this application is done on your computer, but most is done on the servers you connect to. Because of the way the internet works there is not a constant connection between your computer and the servers.

Because this is the case, you must always tell the system that you want to save your work by clicking the appropriate button on the screen (usually the Save button).

If you use a web browser often, you should have no problem learning to use webTA. Note, however, that you should not use the Forward and Back buttons in your browser. Always use the navigation buttons within the T&A forms such as Save, Cancel, Return, and Done.

Within a form you may use the Tab key to move from one field to another or use your mouse to point to a field and click.

One of the most common functions performed by the typical webTA user is entering hours worked. The system rounds all time quantities to the nearest 15 minute increment. You may format your time quantity in three ways:

  • Whole hours
    Ex. Enter 8 (webTA converts it to 8:00)
  • Hours and minutes
    Ex. Enter 5:15
    Ex. Enter 5:06 (webTA rounds it to 5:00)
    Ex. Enter 5:07 (webTA rounds it to 5:15)
  • Hours and decimal portion of hour
    Ex. Enter 5.1 (webTA rounds it to 5:00)
    Ex. Enter 5.25 (webTA converts it to 5:15)
    Ex. Enter 5.2 or 5.3 (webTA rounds it to 5:15)
  • Ex. Enter 5.5 (webTA converts it to 5:30)
    Ex. Enter 5.75 (webTA converts it to 5:45)
    Ex. Enter 5.7 or 5.8 (webTA rounds it to 5:45)
As you enter values some data checks are performed. When the system encounters data it cannot handle, an error message is displayed indicating what is causing the problem.

A detailed T&A data validation is performed explicitly by the employee or timekeeper. It must be performed before a record can be certified by the supervisor.

When you are done using webTA, exit the system by clicking the Logout link found at the top right of most screens. This ensures that you are logged out of webTA. If there is no Logout link on your current screen, complete the function you are using to return to a screen with a Logout link.

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